Kitchen Under Sink Organization


If you have been reading ( I hope) , I am craving order or maybe just craving control.  After a successful sink organization for my guest bath, I wanted to play in a larger pool and that larger pool can in form of the under sink area in my kitchen.

My husband and I totally gutted our kitchen about three years ago.  I guess having a working kitchen is more motivation than a bathroom.  FYI- our master bath has been OUT OF ORDER for over a year.  We have plenty of bathrooms in our house, so we aren’t minding.  After an awesome demo job (if I don’t say so myself), we DIYed all over the kitchen.  We are so happy with he final product, but I know all the flaws because I created them.  I wont point them out because I know if is such a character flaw that I am working on.  I need to make sure I take pictures so in our next kitchen job (cough…new house, I wish!) it won’t happen again.

Isn’t the new kitchen beautiful?

So I approached this project is much the similar way as I did with guest bathroom.  Measuring and researching to get it done!  Having more room made it so much easier than the bathroom.

First, I put down the shelf liner.  It always looks better with that down.  I didn’t have any stains to cover up like in the bathroom, but  I was doing it for prevention this time.

Next, I needed some sort of shelf unit that would allow me to put extra dish towels, sponges, etc.  The space that I had was 8” wide and over two feet deep.  I lucked out with finding a pull out wired unit in Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $14.99 (similar).  It was such a steal because I used a coupon and I got it for $11.99.   It was a double win because it was the last one they had at the store.

Not wanting to waste the limited floor space, I needed something to store all the spray bottle products that would utilize the height of the cabinet.  I had seen the idea before to use a stress rod to hang the bottles.  I made sure I bought a rod that was thick enough to hold the weight of numerous bottles and also allow the bottle to hang from their hand pumps.   I scored mine at Walmart for about $7 and it hasn’t fallen once.

Finally, I had an extra plastic basket that goes in the hidden flip drawer of the skin that we use to hold the wet sponges. Instead of seeing it go to waste, I bought some command hooks and slapped that puppy right on the side wall. I can remove it if I want and it holds the new clean sponges.

Being mostly a type A personality, control and organization makes me so happy, for now!

<3 MK 

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