Holiday "Cookies"


“Cookies” for a Cookie Swap

When I was recently invited to a holiday cookie swap and the first through that came to mind was dread.  I do not like to bake so this was truly painful. The sneaky side of me realized I could totally get away with minimal baking and still contribute to the event.
I was perusing the web when I spotted these little puppies.  They were my answer.  Minimal baking (4 minute) and absolutely no measuring.  They were super easy to make, but a bit annoying to take off all the wrappers of the kisses.  I tried my best to control myself, but man those guys are so yummy. 

After the pretzel buttons were done I admit that I popped a few in my mouth to ensure taste quality.  There is nothing better than the salty and sweet combination with a hint of mint.

You could totally use a ton of different combinations on kisses and M&Ms.  For my first round I choose the dark chocolate kisses and the mint white chocolate M&Ms.  For my second round I choose to use the caramel kisses with the same mint M&Ms.  That round didn’t squish down as easily as I had hoped, but they tasted so delicious.  I guess the caramel doesn’t melt at the same temp or time.

These candy guys at Hershey’s and M&M have so many different varieties that I think there are about 90 different combinations (actually did the math).  I also choose to use the Synder Butter Snaps because that was what was available at my local store.  I didn’t think a little butter on the pretzel would hurt.

Pretzel Buttons- Holiday Style

Recipe adapted from g*rathed 

-       bag of square pretzels ( used Synders Butter Snaps)
-       2 bags of Hershey Kisses (any variety you like)
-       1 bag of M&M (your choice)

Heat the oven to 200 degrees.  On a baking sheet covered in parchment or non-stick silicone liner lay out the pretzel squares with one kiss placed on top. 

Melt the kisses in the oven for about 4 minutes until they look glossy.  They don’t look like the they will melt, but press on them with the M&M and they go down.  Warning, watch the oven because you don’t want the chocolate melting every where by going over the time limit.

Place a M&M on the top of each pretzel with chocolate and press down.  You are done.  So simple!

These guys were a hit at the cookie party and equally delicious to the yummy treats everyone else spent lots of time making.  Yes, I cheated, but honestly, who wants a  dry cookie?

 <3 MK

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