Currently Craving Crossbody Satchels

This past weekend I met my husband in Denver, CO.  He has been traveling for work the past few weeks and we wanted to rendezvous to  a city that we had never visited for fun.  We have visited the airport numerous times but we never got past the various gate terminals.

I was so blown away by all the fun things JY and I were able to do on this city.  We lucked out with the weather being unusually warm for December and were able to walk to many of our destinations.  The food choices we almost overwhelming , but all awesome and the entertainment factor was also great.

I could praise Denver for a few more paragraphs, but that is not why I am writing this post.  When walking around the city with my oversized hobo, I realized how much I needed a smaller satchel.  The hobo was old and I didn’t mind getting it dirty when my new jeans rubbed off on the side, but after lugging it around for most of Saturday, I gave up and used my pockets in my huge oversized jacket as storage for the rest of the weekend.  I felt like a style fail. 

I already have a satchel that I totally love, but the main downfall is that the top doe not clip or zipper shut. Rule number one when traveling with a bag, make sure it closes so wandering hands can’t get in. 

Cross Body Satchels

Above are few satchels that I am currently craving.   They are really divided in price range, but they all stick with a particular style.  Small, not black or brown,  and all have a satchel strap.  I refuse to buy a bag that isn't real leather and when you want that as a must, the price tends to increase.  I don't need a label bag either, but I can get dream about the Chole and the Jimmy Choo. 

When purchasing a bag, it always takes me such a long time to unload that amount of money.  I know that my purchase will last me a long time, but it is painful to my banking account and me when I finally do.  Also the fact that Christmas is around the corner doesn’t help.  I would ask Santa for a bag, but I know the one I want is beyond the budget for JY and  for my family secret Santa.  

I am crossing my fingers in hopes that the next time I go in my mecca, TJ Maxx, that my bag will be in the clearance section of the purses.  A girl can dream. 

<3 MK

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