Modern Bird Feeder Update

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Last November, we decided it was time to bring some colorful wildlife with a modern bird feeder to the back deck during the cold months, and boy did it deliver.  We have had constant winged visitors in all sorts of colors and sizes.

The bird cafe feeder has held up very well over the winter, but I would recommend using an adhesive stronger than silicone if you plan on attaching it to a vinyl fence post like we did.  A few weeks ago I noticed it was slightly loose while sitting on the post so I knew it was time to take action.  This provided an opportunity to wipe down the feeder and give it a fresh look for the new warm season. After removing the feeder from the fence post, I removed the silicone caulking and applied JB Quick Weld that Jeff had in the garage.   The JB Weld is much stronger and will hold for much longer. 

Overall, the bird cafe has been great!  We love the fine feathered friends that have visited our modern bird feeder. The only downfall is that there is bird seed remnants all over the deck. 

<3 MK

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