Shur-Line Touch Up Painter


Shur-Line touch up painter
After prepping, taping, and applying numerous layers of paint this past weekend, the last thing I really want to talk about is painting, but I feel like I must.   Jeff and I are feverishly working to finish our basement before the weather gets too nice that we don’t want to spend any time inside.  Luckily it rained this past weekend while we were painting all the trim and doors in our basement.  And there was a ton of trim to paint.  Check that off the long list of to dos.

Now, back to the real reason for this post, the Shur-Line touch up painter.  Although we didn’t use this handy tool for the large painting job, I did do some touch up painting on our bedroom and master bathroom walls this weekend as well.  For walls that are easily scuffed and marks, this painting tool is a must.

This tool keeps the paint inside and is sealed and locked away for future uses.  The roller is made of fabric so when covering up the wall blemishes, you wont see any brush lines.  It also comes with a stand for easy storage.  Just one hint, when using it again after a period of time, you might want to squeeze it slightly to get it going again.  Don’t squeeze to hard or it will go all over the place.  You can also buy replacement rollers if needed.

I love this tool so much I am getting another one for the white walls around the house and the gray in the basement.  It provides way more than $8 in value for the convenience of being able to pick it up, paint and immediately make things neat without getting out the brushes, etc.

The Shur-Line touch up painter looks a little funny just sitting there, doesn't it?
This is not a sponsored post, the opinions are all mine, just simply passing on a tool that can make everyone’s busy live just a bit easier.

<3 mk

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