Modern Bird Feeder on Deck Post DIY


Modern bird feeder
When we first moved in, various types of beautiful birds frequently visited our deck.  They would show up, look pretty and play around for a few minutes and then go back to doing bird things.  The previous owners must not have spent much time on the deck since the birds seemed very comfortable there. Either that or they were bird whisperers.  Things sure changed when we arrived.  Over time, the birds spent less and less time out there.

The logical solution was to bribe the birds to return naturally using food as the currency.  With the vinyl railing and grey composite decking material, a traditional bird feeder seemed out of place.  We ended up finding this modern bird feeder on amazon which would fit perfect with the deck railing.  As you’ll see shortly, it will fit even more perfectly than we had hoped!

It can hang, but we're not mounting it like that

If you turn the contemporary bird feeder upside down, you’ll see that it has nearly the exact same shape as typical vinyl fence post caps.  Effectively, the bird feeder has the perfect female bottom for the male fence post cap!  Too funny.

Here’s all you need to do to attach the feeder to a fence post cap.

1. Drill a hole in the fence post cap big enough to string the feeder hanging wire through.  It will fall into the post cavity out of sight.
2. Apply a bead of silicone or another adhesive to the fence post cap and set the feeder up side down, but not outside quite yet.

3. Wait a few days until it fully dries and rids itself of the vinegar smell
4. Fill it with bird seed and carefully press it down on the vinyl post

Birds did not like this original location
This method addresses many of the complaints of this bird feeder.  Many reviews claim that bigger birds have trouble staying on the small ledge if hung as designed because it will sway back and forth.  With this method, there are no issues of birds not being able to hang on.  The results speak for themselves!

The birds now love this location and greet us every morning to eat at their "bird cafe" modern bird feeder.

Modern bird feeder with a cardinal and two tufted titmouse feasting
<3 mk

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