Paperwhites - Three Week Update


A few weeks back I posted how to make a decorative Paperwhite indoor planter.  From experience, I knew that these were instantly gratifying when it came to growth speed.  It has only been about three weeks and they are literally growing before my eyes.  I expect to see some flowers popping up soon. 

I am not sure about the runt of the litter (far right), but I hope it will catch up with its big brothers soon.  I did try the alcohol mixture to stunt the growth a bit and I haven’t really seen any difference as of yet.  Maybe the runt has been drinking all the alcohol?

It is so nice to have some green around the house, especially as we step into the first day of December.  I’ll be sure to take a picture when the flowers perk out.

Have you made your Paperwhite planter or anything similar?

<3 MK

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