Repurposed IKEA Shelf


I am going to admit it, I’m a hacker…an IKEA hacker.  IKEA hackers take what IKEA has to offer and redirect their usage for other furniture purposes.   Some of the ideas that people have come up with are out of control awesome.  This one can be done in just a few minutes!  Read below to see how we did it, including a trick to keep the leg base uniform in color.

Lack Wall Shelf

Capita Legs
The IKEA Lack floating wall shelf was used in our office when Jeff and I first started living together about six years ago.  The shelf looked great on the wall, worked perfect for its purpose, and only cost $14.99.  The concealed wall mounting was right up our style ally too.  After a while we switched rooms and made the guest room the office and the office the guest room.  The shelf didn’t work in the new office and we didn’t have another wall for it.  What’s a girl to do?  I couldn’t just leave anything alone that is a useful decorating tool.

There is a nook in our office that we were using for money trees (the Pachira plant), but my poor aloe plant looked so sad and weak, sitting flush on the floor.     My husband was the one whom suggested repurposing the shelf into a stand for the plants.  Brillant!  We bought the 4" Capita legs and attached.  They come with all the necessary parts (four legs and screws) all in one and range from $10 -$14 depending on the height.  You'll notice the leading edge is blacked out with electrical tape.  This is so you can't see the silver mounting base on the edge.  It can be painted, but electrical tape has held up just fine.

So, we were able to repourpose the shelf and the plants.  Having the 4” height to the windows allows them to thrive.  The height of the shelf has allowed my once sad aloe plant (it was literally down to just one or two fingers - look at it now!) to grow to the monster you see in the pictures above.

Do you have anything in need of hacking?

<3 mk

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