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When you have a large wall you always are looking for something that will decorate without overdoing it.  I first spotted this guy when we were in Germany this past summer.  We loved the clean modern look of almost everything in BoConcepts, but lacked the necessary funds to have our entire house decked out in it all.   This 'Mega' clock was about fifty so it was one of the few items I could afford.

I knew I wanted to get the clock from the minute I had seen it.  So, I started on a quest to get the last remaining clock in stock at the store near my home.   You aren’t able to order online so you need to pick it up.  I'm lucky enough to be living right near a major city so I had two store choices.  The store locations are here

Purchasing the clock was an easy decision, but where we were going to put it was another decision. There is an eleven foot wide wall in our office that this clock was exactly what I had imagined it for. 

There were originally these metal fixtures that had votive candle, but never used. They were arranged 4 in a row horizontal row and were tired to look at in the office. I already have some crazy outdoor ideas for them in the future that may involve spray paint.  They did create lovely little holes (2 per fixture times four = eight holes) some patch and sanding action was required.  A little touch up paint was also called for.

I have to admit that I did my touch up paint to the wall the incorrect color.  In my defense, I am organized but it was also a yellow colored paint.  At one point the current guest room was the office so I found a yellow can labeled “office”, but, it wasn’t the right color .  I thought it might just dry to the same color, but it didn’t and I had to do twice the work.  I must have been really hopeful or really stupid that day.  Whatever, it got done.

Putting the clock up was easier for us since we weren’t putting it up in a perfect circle.  Inside the box there is a template that allows you to put each number in the direct line it should be placed for the clock to actually tell the time.  Once you choose you center, it was easy from there.  The numbers have built-in adhesive stickers to hold them onto the wall .  They are also really light and made of foam with a plastic exterior.  The one downfall might be that if you want to move the clock  you probably will be taking part of the wall off with it.  Jeff only used part of the sticker on each letter in the event we want to move them.

If you aren’t living in an area that has a BoConcepts store and you really like this style, here are a few more accessible options.

<3 mk

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