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Food. Fashion. Home. 

I have been wanting to do some sort of review of all the things I have been doing for a while, like a recap of some of my favorite posts.  With all the craziness going on with moving, selling a house, and buying a house, new projects aren’t really on the top of my priority. So... I decided that monthly I will be doing a review of my favorites in food, fashion, and home.  

Since this blog has just started I am going to choose my favorites from all time…well three out of about 90 posts.  Yeah, this should be easy.


I have been craving the crunchy cheesiness of these nachos for a few weeks!  There is nothing better than eating something you know tastes so good, but isn’t as guilty as the original version.  This meal was a brain child of both Jeff and I and boy was it a good idea.  Its easy, cheesy, and delicious!


This post is one of my most popular.  Coconut oil is all the rage right now and I use it quite often for tons of needs.  I have been deep conditioning religiously using this method for a long time.  Even my hair dresser comments on it when I go into her every six weeks. Don't you love my alien head in this pic?

When I say fashion, I always include beauty into that category.  I love my clothes and shoes, but I am still going to leave some clothing choices up to my other fashion bloggers who really focus on just the clothes.  I am still very shy why it comes to my choices in clothing, but I know one day I'll break out of my shell.  For now I'll focus on what has been working for me.


I am super proud to say that my lack of accuracy lead to me creating this method of creating my family subway sign.  I am not going to lie, I am not really detailed and would have really messed this project up if I were to use stencils.  There was nothing better when I peeled those sticky foam letters off the canvas and it looked as I had imagined.  Angels were singing!   I am super proud of this personalized sign and would recommend everyone to make one.

There are so many Food Fashion Home posts that I have done that I have really liked.  As I said before, I have done 90 plus posts….that is crazy cakes!  I look forward to doing this recap more often because the review reminds me of all the fun and helpful things I have been able to share with you.

<3 mk

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