I Have a Case of Limp Boot (How to Make Your Own Boot Shapers)


You can either take offense to my title or not, but either way, this is an awesome idea. Read on.

It is boot season!  I can hardly contain myself.  Last year I threw all my boot boxes away and opted to put all my boots into a giant plastic container.  NOT A GOOD IDEA.  When taking them out of the fall/winter closet in the office, I realized my boots weren’t looking so hot.  It looked like I stuffed those puppies in there like they didn’t mean anything to me (tear).  I must have been excited for sandal season at the time.

I took them out and assessed their wear and tear from the prior seasons.  Some are looking better than others.  I lined them up in the hallway and realized, they were falling over like they had too much to drink.  It made them look so sad. See sad looking boot below.

Sad looking boot :(
I thought my idea for storing in a larger plastic container in the closet was a good one, but they wouldn’t stand up in that either. My cheap side as usual took over my mind and I want to come up with a way to keep those guys standing tall and proud. 

I did search into purchasing some boot shapers, but they range from about $10- $30 each and were totally not worth it.  At $10 per boot pair, I would be spending upwards from $80 to keep them firm.

Pinterest was my next search and some evil cheap genius came up with an awesome idea. I wish I could take full credit, but I don’t want to be that person. 

Flexible cutting boards are the answer.  Seriously.   Those puppies are inexpensive and the answer to all my floppy boot shafts.

I went to my favorite shopping haunt ,TJ Maxx and picked up four multi packs of those puppies.  Each pack was $3.99 and had three boards in each. They came in a variety of colors and some even had handy pictures for food types (fish, poultry, meat, veggies).  I am not the anal type about that kind of stuff so I just used them and was happy.  If you worry about those types of things, then spend a few more bucks for color matching ones.

All you need to do is roll the boards up the long way and stuff them into the boot.  Voila, you have a stiffie… I mean boot shaper. 

Clearly I had too much fun with the puns on this one.  I swear I am not a sicko, but the thesaurus was my friend on this.  I could have brought it to a new level, but I have standards people.

<3 MK

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